We are challenged by our crazy dreams, not letting anyone or anything to limit us.

About Me

Hi my name is Isaac Mor and I love to travel, motorsport, cars, motorcycles, photography, adventure, extreme sports, music and having fun! I have many crazy ideas but before we get to there I will tell you who I am.

As a kid till now days I always preferred being outside rather than inside. I am naturally a curious man always looking to travel and explore new places. I always travel with cars or motorcycles. I love to build things, work with hands, that's why me and my mechanic always working on my vehicles together.  Driving is in my blood and I love it so much that if you have to cross the desert or go through a rocky path, maybe the police is chasing you or you have to chase that guy who stole your sister’s wallet, I am the man to call for that drive rescue.

I love to be free and in full control on my life, I am not a criminal but, I don't let the rules to rule me, I am not afraid to break them if needed, on the other hand they have my respect. I am a very active person, always looking for ways to release the energy inside me. Photography make me push my limits more and more, I would go very far to take that amazing picture. Photography is my way to express my endless love for LIFE itself, my enthusiasm when I am outside doing extreme sports, driving or my love for nature, animals and our beautiful world. I love music, it plays a big role in my life, drives me forward, makes me happy and dance like a fool sometimes :)  I DO NOT do drugs, the idea behind it is wrong in my opinion. I get my drugs from extreme sports, music and doing what I really love. After all even without drug I am still the craziest guy in the party. I can say that I make friends very easy but I have a few real friends, my connection with people is deep or nothing at all and I love it. Sharing my photography, stories and helping people is the best result of what I am doing and I wish to make it bigger and bigger.

On 1st of December 2016, I quit my job for pursuing my dreams and things I really love. That's when “40075trip” was born. Booked one way ticket to the amazing Philippines,  1.5 months later landed in Vietnam, bought a motorcycle drove 13,000 Km all over Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia what a madness and amazing times! Today I work in a temporary jobs in order to have some income to invest in my dreams. Very soon I will make money from what I love. 

In the beginning of 2019 I plan to drive from Israel all the way to the northest point of Europe(northcape, norway) to see the northern lights, then ship my car to Canada Or USA, travel most national parks of USA and then winter drive to the most amazing land - ALASKA. This is both test for man and my 20 years old car. 

Watch how I Prepare my car and myself for the adventure

40075trip - Behind the numbers

“40075trip”  born in "EILAT" the hot desert city of Israel. 

There are many meanings to “40075trip” we will explain few of them. The number “40075” shows the circumference of the earth in the equator 40,075 KM totally.  This is a pure example of our endless passion for being on the road, exploring our beautiful world, take adventures of any kind just to feel a little more alive.


"life is a daring adventure or nothing at all"  -  hellen keller