Vietnam - 13,000 KM on a motorcycle, next was Laos

Vietnam - 13,000 KM on a motorcycle, next was Laos

Helllooooooo Vietnammmmm !!!

And again as usual I got to Vietnam with no plans at all, I bought the ticket to Vietnam even before I got to Philippines because you need a ticket out of Philippines or they won't let you in. The cheapest ticket back then was to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam just for 40$. 
Landed in midnight, woke up in the morning, 4 hours later I owned a motorcycle, by the evening the motorcycle was ready for the roadtrip. Yes, I love to take fast decision :) Vietnam is narrow but long, the classic roadtrip is from south to north or north to south. Ho Chi Minh city is in the south, my plan was to drive to the north, thats it. Vietnamese people are super nice and kinda, they don't know english at all... Now try to explain to a man that you want omelet instead of chicken for breakfast, eventually I ate chicken :) 
Vietnam is full of travelers and young volunteers, I had one of the most craziest times there, I met Millions of travelers, we did crazy stuff together, I drove wherever I want, when I want, been to a places I saw in my dreams, took adventures, partied a lot, fall of a motorcycle, got 3 different scares, was amazed by the nature, by the people, got stuck in the middle of nowhere, drank a lot of "happy water"(vodka made from rice), almost got robbed, got stopped by the police once, rest of the time I ran off them and the list goes on and on. I could write a 270 page book about my experiences in Vietnam, but that won't happen now. I will name the places I have visited in Vietnam from first to last, photos will explain the journey in the best way. 
Ho Chi Minh->My Tho->Can To->Delta Mekong->Ho Chi Minh->Cat Tien->Dallat->Mui Ne->Nha Trang->Kon Tum->Hoi An->Da Nang->Hue->Phong Nha->Tam Coc-> Ninh Binh-> Hanoi->Halong Bay->Cat Ba Island->Hanoi->Cao Bang->Ban Gioc->Ha Giang->Sapa->Hanoi->Border Crossing To Laos.
Those are the places I visited in Vietnam, there are many more small villages and places but it would be too long to mention all of them.
The motorcycle I bought
Isaac Mor motorcycle
Some mods and bodywork
Isaac Mor mods motorcycle
First 40075trip motorcycle design!  A day to remember
40075trip motorcycle
Everything is ready for the roadtrip
Isaac Mor Motorcycle
Temple in Cao Tho 
Can Tho
One of the biggest trees in the world located in Cat Tien
isaac mor vietnam
A waterfall near Dallat, It was raining hard for 2 days caused the water become muddy
Around Dallat
Don't have any pictures from Dallat, my sd card got corrupted and couldn't fix it.
Mountain Roads
Mountain Roads, Look at the curves, tested my motorcycle to the full on these roads
Mui Ne
He is looking for something :)
Hoi An the city of lights
Ho Chi Minh Road, so much nature, the wild side of Vietnam
Bababa anyone??? Thats funny that te main cargo transportation in 3rd world Asian countries made by motorcycles.
Got stuck on the road in the middle of nowhere, didn't think I would shower of a truck but it was fun :)
At least I cleaned myself :)
Hue - Hai Van Pass - It was cloudy and rainy, I was driving in a cloud barely saw something for one hour. In a normal day this place is beautiful !
Phong Nha - full of beautiful hills
Loaded the bike on the ferry to Cat Ba sailing though the hill coming out of the water
North Of Vietnam is so beautiful and addicting, nature is everywhere! The people are so good and helpful and the small kids are fun to play with :)
Jump in for a little swim =)
Ban Gioc Waterfalls, on the border with China, I had a tough drive to the waterfalls, first it's a very long drive, road conditions aren't the best, couldn't see further than 10 meters ahead because of the rain and did an accident just on the beginning of the drive. All of it was worth it !
Wild !
On my way to Ha Gian
We made to to the Chinese border and guess what, we have crossed it :)
Working hard 
Rice fields of Sapa
Evening in Sapa
Better view of Sapa and the villages around
Traditional Vietnamese clothes, we were in that house to listen to some traditional stories,
After Sapa I drove back to Hanoi, I decided to modify my motorcycle, for 3 days I was looking for a mechanic who will accept my demands and rebuild my bike for the next adventures. we set bigger and stronger suspension, new front break system, bigger off road tires, better wiring and modified the engine for better performance.
It took us 7 days to buy all the parts and assembly everything on the bike. 
The result was as I expected and even better. I am totally ready for the broken roads of Laos.
Me, My mechanic on the right and his friend on the left. Beer after full day of working.


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