Citroen Xsara is getting ready for the long roadtrip

Citroen Xsara is getting ready for the long roadtrip

40075trip Isaac Mor Citroen Xsara
If you got to know me, you probably know that I am crazy about cars and motorcycles and even more crazy about driving them. My vehicles quickly become snimetal for me, I love taking care of them so they can last for a long time to take roadtrips around the country. Me and my mechanic worked hard over the years to keep my cars in the best shape, guess what I have never been disappointed even once. Citroen Xsara 1.8 v16 engine, 5 speed manual gearbox made in France year of 1998, is the car I plan to drive around The World with. The car has 212,000 Km, my goal is to get to 300,000 Km or even more the same engine and gearbox, I am so sure that this goal will come true thanks to my crazy goals. People sometimes ask me "Do you trust your car to take you around the world?" my answer is absolutely YES! I spend so much time, thinking and research to maintain my car with only original parts and to put the best engine oil. 
101,855 KM is the distance of the journey, Starting in
Israel-->Europe-->North America-->South America-->New Zealand-->Australia-->Far East Russia-->Central Asia-->East Europe-->Greece-->Israel.
 40,000 KM ago I started to document my car's maintenance in to a full detailed list which you can see in the link below :
I choose to drive this car because I absolutely LOVE IT and it's the best car. Citroen and Peugeot made one of the best cars that time and still are making great fast cars for young car enthusiasts.  
The driving style, the driving position, one of the best handling cars, the quick and fast engine response, everything in this car is great! 
My dream is to drive around the world with this car!

Getting ready

Roof Rack + Luggage Box

I have been searching for a roof rack and luggage box for my car that fits perfectly. Hours over hours of researching and a lot of phone calls I went to "Cruz" roof rack and luggage box dealer in Israel. Turns out that "Cruz" company that is based in Spain has roof racks system exactly for my Citroen Xsara. I Ordered the roof rack and the "Cruz - Paddock 450" luggage box. One month later they called me to come and assemble it on my car. Was waiting so much for it! We are getting one step closerrrrr!!!!

The roof rack


Ready to put on the luggage box



Next will be buying alloy wheels. First reason is that alloy wheels look better than any other wheels, especially the wheels that I want. Second reason is that alloy is much lighter than steel wheels, lighter wheels is better on gas, especially when I plan to drive about 60,000 KM. 
I Haven't bought the wheels yet, but as you know me, the moment I get them you'll know :) 


Paint + Bodywork
21 years under a shining sun has left its marks on my car.  I want so bad to put my car in the best paint and bodywork shop but it costs some money. I didn't want to lower my standards and restore in an amatur bodyshop and then to get disappointed about the quality. If I get enough budget I'll restore, If not, then I'll wait a little more... As long as the mechanical condition in its best form and my car can take me wherever I want, the paint and bodywork is less important.
Updates will come soon. 



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