Philippines - Heaven On Earth

Philippines - Heaven On Earth

I haven't planned to fly to Southeast Asia, actually I didn't know that I would be in Southeast Asia a week before I really got there.  I flew to the Philippines with no plans at all, i Just took a flight to Manila and that's it. My plan was to go with the flow and the wind :) All the places I have visited in the philippines were an advices I got from the people I ment along the way, that choice made my trip a crazy one! I was free and flexible to do whatever I want, anytime I want.


Cebu Island

First destination was Manila the capital of the Philippines, I haven't spent there too much time, the moment I Moalboal I met travel partner for the rest of the week. we rented a motorbike for 5 dollars a day and drove around the south part of the island. Visiting, Kawasan falls, hot springs, Osmena peak, Tumalog waterfalls, white beach and experiencing a very fun/crazy nights in the main street of the village.
Kawasan falls
Beautiful reef, full of fish and huge sardine groups
Kawasan Falls
On Our way from the White Beach
Eating coconuts in the hot spring area, this island is a JUNGLE !
Tumalog Waterfalls
Huge Whale Shark
Typical Dinner in Moalboal



Malapascua and Kalanggaman Island

I had so much fun and made so many friends in Moalboal but it was time to move on. I took a boat from the north of Cebu island to Malapascua island. Malapascua is known for scuba diving with tiger sharks and the only way to get to Kalanggaman island is by taking a boat from Malapascua. I spent there 3 nights and it's was more than enough. 

Sunset in Malapascua

On our way too..

Kalanggaman Island

Such a beautiful and small Island 

White sand

 Living on a treehouse 


Siargao Island 

I heard lots of good things about Siargao, the surfing, the people, the vibe, the nightlife and of course the good food that I had to eat before something bad happened to me. The only way to get to Siargao Is by taking an airplane or a ferry from Cebu Island. On the boat back to Cebu from Malapascua I met 2 israeli travelers that were on their way to Siargao, we decided to stay together till we get there. on our way to Cebu I met a poor German girl with no money, credit cards, phone or anything essential for a traveler, I gave her some cash, enough for the next few day till she gets money from her parents, but I forgot to take contacts(facebook,Instagram) just to ask ow she is. Apparently we couldn't book a night ferry to Siargao because it was sunday, we had to wait another day. That night we decided to go to the movie in a big shopping mall in Cebu city, just before we entered to the movie I saw that German girl I helped earlier that day, how that could be?? what are the chances??? It was a fun meeting, I took her contacts and moved on(she didn't want to go to the movie with us). One and a half days later when we arrived in Siargao it was very rainy, we booked a cool hostel called "Villa Solaria". I met a lot of people in Siargao, we surfed, partied , chilled, rent a motorcycle and drove around the Island. Most of My stay was raining everyday all day long, that kinda limited me from take photos, but I have some. 


Sugba lagoon 

Such a wild island


The Lagoon

Was raining all day long

Coron and Palawan Islands 

Probably the most beautiful islands in the world! Who ever said that is probably right! First was Coron, I got there by an airplane. Rather than Siargao in Coron the sun is shining and the weather is just right for boating around nearby islands, diving and more adventures. We booked a boat tour for the next day meanwhile we spend the time drinking beer and eating some good food and icecreams. The next day we woke up, packed our bags, jump on the motorcycle and got on the boat, We Are Ready For The Boating. Coron's nearby islands are beautifully shaped in different size, there are big islands, a tiny islands, amazing lagoons and it goes on and on. We parked the boat near a beautiful lagoon for diving around, a few moments before we planned to leave I did some backflips from the boat, on the 7th time I slept, hit my head on the edge of the boat and throne to the water. I opened my head, blood was all over the place, I was so relaxed people around me were in a big panice thinking something is gonna happen to me, they didn't know that I was in the army :) I didn't want to go to the hospital so we finished our boat tour in the evening, climbed to a beautiful view point for the sunset and then went to a restaurant to eat the biggest hamburger and drink beer. Later on I felt bad, spend 2 days in the bed couldn't move too much. My friend Demi that I met in Moalboal was in Palawan, I booked a ferry and met her there. Palawan, El Nido is The highlight of the philippines. It's beautiful, full of travelers, good food, nice people, amazing beaches and beautiful sunsets. We rented a motorcycle, visited "dry" waterfalls(it was so hot there even te waterfalls were out of water..), zip lined between islands, met good friends, eat a lot of pasta, partied full moon party and woke up early to climb the mountains around. It was crazy 10 days around this islands, will be back for sure :) 


On the Boat with the Friends

40075trip philippines

One of the lagoons

40075trip philippines lagoon

It just looks terrible 

Isaac Mor

Back to business :) 

Isaac Mor 40075trip

Coron Islands

40075 coron island

Beautiful sunset over the islands

Isaac Mor 40075trip

Kayaking in Palawan 

Palawan 40075trip


We did a zipline too =)

palawan 40075trip isaac mor zipline

It's early in the morning, full power to the top 

climbing in palawan


ohh yeahhhh


Another lagoon, we had so much fun there

Isaac Mor Israel

spent lots of our time on the boat, no regrets

Sea turtles were just underneath the boat  


Manila - The Capital  

Ohh Manila... basically I came here just for 2 reasons. one is to watch the new Fast and furious 8 in the movie, but the main reason was to get to the rooftop of  highest tower in Manila which is The Trump tower. If you already got to know me, I did them both, the movie from 1-10 was only 5 or 6, I still prefer the Original first Fast and furious movie from 2001. Getting inside of the trump tower and climbing to the top was a bit of a challenge, mental and physical. They are still building inside the tower so there are many guards and police around the building, I was waiting 30 minutes for an opportunity to sneak inside the building without anyone recognizing me. I did it, I got inside, i saw all the guards and the workers but they couldn't see me. It was 3:30 Pm, 2 minutes ago I saw that at 5:00 PM is the end of the working hours, they are closing the building and everybody is going home. That doesn't really matter for me, I still continued to climb to the 58th floor holding 13 KG on my bag, I was exhausted till the moment I got to the rooftop, the view was spectacular, a true feeling like you are the king of the world, looking down all the buildings are so small, people look like small insects, cars like cockroaches with different colors. Spent 4-5 on the roof, I did what I did up there, it was a releasing moment, started to get down, praying in my heart to find a way out. I got to the 2nd floor, started to walk quietly, got to the entrance floor, I see many guards but they can't see me, going straight to the exit not looking to the side, I pass tough the guards and police, they are looking at me totally shocked, One of them pulled out a walky talky, said something in their language, I heard a scream, some guards were walking to me, I ran through the small streets. They had no chance to catch me :) 


Isaac Mor 40075trip

40075trip philippines


On the top, no I am not afraid, I feel like an animallllll !

So beautiful and breath taking

40075trip philippines


Watch The Video I Made From "Trump Tower Manila"


Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Hong Kong - Southeast Asia Full Video 



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